Artisan Culture’s Green Agenda                               

Welcome to Timelines, Artisan Culture’s monthly journal, where we will continuously create new timelines for ourselves and others by holding space, tapping into our passions and promoting potential in our community. 

At Artisan Culture, we are dedicated to consciously co-creating through interactions, connections, and cooperation that combine for elevated outcomes.

This Earth Day, we want to continue encouraging our community and guests to join us in our mission to commit ourselves to a sustainable future that will improve our social, economic, and environmental prosperity. We are continually imagining new ambitions and are putting them into action with everything we do, from roasting in-house with a zero-emissions electric coffee roaster to composting through ZeroWaste our grounds, flowers, leftovers, and paper goods. We also encourage sustainable transportation and bringing your mug and market bag with 10% off incentives - all setting our environment and community up for success. With these key initiatives, we are able to source clean coffee and local goods in a green environment. 

Now that we have established a sustainable backbone for our shop, we are working towards more green goals of running off solar panels and electric charging stations. Also, anticipate a bike rack to come soon for our guests who support sustainable transportation. By putting thought into every action, we hope to make our intentions evident, inspiring those who walk through our door to open new doors for themselves and those around them. Earth Day is intended to celebrate the Earth and acknowledge all it has to offer while supporting its abundant resources so that we may all thrive and be revived. We encourage you to join us in doing this every day through blending resources, maintaining a positive perspective, and putting our goals into action.    Written by Hannah Dollar


April 22, 2021

Black Sport's Bicycle
Nikola Tesla
Green Agenda
Electric Coffee Roaster
Recycle Me
Black and Gold Art Deco Elegant Cocktail

June 9, 2021

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